My fav new fall lineup show is….

Kevin Probably Saves The World 🌎

A new clash of spirituality, mystery, comedy and romance. Can I say….finally!!!! It’s got everything needed in a show to please every category fans admire. Kevin is a messy, attractive male who has a hardship he can’t deal with it and finds himself with a new chance at becoming something more. He also is helping his adorable niece and her real life issues in high school, and other teen drama along with his widowed twin sister. He find love and happiness at home and tries to help change the world and he pulls it off in a quarky, spastic manner. Hands down a must see !!

Halloweentown and AHS linked !!

Ok….just came across this little gem while watching Halloweentown High. For all of you American Horror Story fans out there….Finn Wittrock who played the mamas boy in the season with all of the circus stuff…the creepy clowns 🤡 friend and associate ….plays Cody who Marnie Cromwell thinks is a hottie …amazing looks like he got his start in spooky themed films very early in his acting career 🙂 F570B7E3-8D34-4CC5-8BF8-4C2EA28757FB.jpeg

Catching up

Haven’t blogged in a few days…mostly because sometimes I’m stuck watching Disney all day and when my daughter sleeps I’m working a few hours…exhaustion settles in quick.


ok soooo



i love love loveeeed property brother and his crime show dance. I’m straight up impressed. He had great squared shoulders and held himself pretty elegantly. He went from two left feet to mr shuffles. Didn’t even look like him out there. It was one of my favorites.

Violin girl is killinnnn it. Killin it period. And yes girl I too love napping for fun, mostly because I never get too. Not at all guilty pleasure a luxurious one!!

Frankie Muniz is good and his performance of a boy lander made me laugh, but I still don’t like him. Sorry I can’t help it.

Vanessa…ok one max just apologized on Twitter for not being there to perform with her. Apparently, according to E News, they haven’t been getting along. I can’t say I blame him. She does seem like a feisty control freak. Also, how is a girls night out a guilty pleasure. Give us something better than that.

Victoria did amazing!!! I loveeee that song …if you don’t like chumbawumba, idk even know how to spell it,I get knocked down…then you need a strong dose of taste! Anyone that has ever bullied her is horrible. Bullying is never ok and anyone who thinks it’s cool to do so can F themselves! She is a strong, amazing miracle of a person.

Nikkibella killeddd it …I love that she’s a romance lover !! Me too girl!!! Hallmark all day everyday 😉 …she has the sultry attitude on key…and I loved seeing Cena pop in…the way they look at each other is so cute…I love them ❤️

Nicks dance …don’t care and don’t get it

T.O the breakdancing was fly as F✨🤸🏼‍♀️

Everyone else…I’m sorry I forget bad



kelsey and garret clearly are still in love

Alex is still a douche and thank his Morgan turned him down. Brandon is the nicest guy.

Paul needs rehab. Chloe handles his insults so well. First off, she looks amazing!! I would love to look like her !! Killin it B!!

Juliette…take your cockiness down a notch. Just one…I think you’re a good person but cool it down a little with your eye for an eye drama. You’re too pretty to act like that. Be sweet, not petty.

Everyone else…I don’t remember and I don’t care.


Nico, you should be bosun; I think the captain felt bad for you having to do everything all at once to get the crew in line. He probably thinks you need a break.

I feel bad for the chef. What an awkward date, it was painful to watch. Keep your chin up dude. Food is always a way to someone’s heart. Focus on that and not future plans with someone you don’t know! ❤️ Keep it simple B

ok im done for now. I have a big show lineup tonight and some more to catch up on. 😐😄👍🏻👩🏼‍💻



Dancing with stars: Tuesday Recap

Ok here are my fav things that happened

T.O dancing to Hot in Herrr

Where do I begin?! This song is classic, iconic and so fitting for the fireman costumes. I loved the fun spin on it. Cheryl Burke knows how to use her partners strengths and make one hell of an entertaining number!  He also improved majorly..can’t wait for next week and I’m so happy he’s out of the bottom 2.

Sasha’s dance really hit home for me. Especially after becoming a new mom and see my body change, it is extremely hard to get back to a place where you fully feel like yourself again. She has faced so much backlash and I can’t imagine what it must be like to be famous and have millions of people try to tell you how you should be and should look. She is gorgeous, and she danced so fluid and elegantly. I not only think she is an amazing role model, but I would love to see her dance in the finals. Heart melted ❤️

Vanessa Lachey nailed it too and really put her all into her dance. I wish I had the top she wore in my closet, and I loved how Nick forgot where their first date was. It was honest, funny and endearing. I love how they are a genuine couple who doesn’t showboat a perfect romance.

Jordan Fisher is a natural; it doesn’t matter what is thrown at him he can pull it off. Maverick of the season, hands down.

I really also think Len is being very real and offering great advice to the dancers. I don’t think he means to sound harsh at all he just gives his same opinion fairly. I’m impressed with him.

Property brother hasn’t gotten better he is kind of plateauing. When Bruno fell of his stool in regards to Carrieann’s comment ,I legit laughed hard. Poor property brother really has zero dance skills and two left feet, but god bless his heart he tries and he’s s good soul. Keep at it dude.

Nikki Bella was adorable with being shy. I like how she showed this soft,vulnerable side to her and how it’s awkward for her to dance that close to someone who isn’t Cena; I agree with her completely. I would too feel very awkward and uncomfortable, but good for her for being real and still putting on a good show. She’s a tough competitor and I’m to see her embark on this journey.

And finally I’m just obsessed with Max and Peta; I love them when they dance together !!


The Challenge

I love the battle and the competition. This show has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. Johnny Bananas is merely the mascot for this show, along with CT and Cara. They really are incredible athletes, as is everyone on this show. Watching everyone jumping On those little triangular platforms had me so scared. Leroy was my spirit animal on this!! I would be praying relentlessly til I made it across. With that being said, I hope to see Leroy and CT in the final as they are my favorites, usually.

I actually had someone take the time and try to comment and insult me on here because I defended a celebrity I follow on Instagram. DEAD 💀 I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Thanks for taking the time however to visit my page. I’m trying to up my views so thank you 😁

Dancing with the stars week two recap

im writing this from my iPhone with my infant in front of me…so please ignore spelling errors!

1. I gave all of my votes to Sasha; she did a technical routine with zero theatrics and nailed it. Her fluidity is impressive and I want to see her in the finals.

2. I know someone had to get voted off, but I was sad to see Barbara leave. She’s inspirational and really wanted to put her heart into it. When I saw her cry talking about bullying it def got to me. You’re killing it always B!!

3. Major improvements with property brother!!! He had his shoulders square and his limbs weren’t so choppy !! Impressed and I can’t wait to see next week!!! Same with T.O!! The ending was fireeee !!

4. Jordan is doing amazing !!! He 100 percent needs to be in the finals!! A natural for sure !!

5. I loved the butterfly dance !!! Beautiful!!

6. Nikki Bella you tried something different and it worked !!

7. Vanessa crying during Nick’s dance!! Adorable !! Sweet moment !! I love them both!!

Nothing else reallys told out to me….I’m excited for next week !!

Siesta Key…

Lets talk about the drama..

Alex Alex Alex….

What a tangled web you weave.

Juliette: Miss popular. Omg Chloe, I’m so jealous of Kelsey, I still hook up with Alex so whatever. but I’m going to now go for Garrett because Alex is over it and on to Kelsey which I’m mad about even though I said it was cool.

Chloe: The Greek Chorus. All these girls are Drama…UM btw Juliette, Kelsey is a Liar. Um btw the whole worls, Kelsey is all over Alex, even though I know Juliette was, Kelsey Kelsey Kelsey.

Kelsey: The new girl. Sorry Garrett, I am allowed to do what I want.

Garrett: The cry baby.  I dumped you, but follow my rules or else we aren’t friends anymore duh!

Morgan: The honest wholesome one…Who do I pick? I think ill date Brandon although, New York guy is rich and I have known him for years. Oh well.

Brandon. The secure one. It’s cool Bro, I am ok with competition. I got you.

Alex: Rich guy. Life is so hard.

This is what I heard watching the show tonight. I still am hooked because I need to know if Garrett will fall for the revenge driven Juliette and if Kelsey, and Alex will burn out or fade away. It is like a modern mid summers night dream right now with millenial vernacular.

Dancing With The Stars RECAP

OK. Here are my thoughts, favorite parts and dances of the night in a list!

1.  T.O…the only part of his dance I remember is the miming part he used in his touch down dances.

2. The 23 year old Jordan..killed it! not sure what he is in or if he sings, mostly because I’m a new mom to a 6 month old, and I only listen to Disney songs; however, he is probably going to be in the top 3 100%.

3. Drew Scott was pretty gawky but his charm and good character mask it pretty well. I think he is going to be one of the ones who improve drastically my guess by week 3.

4. Sasha, I’m a hugeeee fan of, I binged watched all of the Pretty Little Liar seasons last fall. I had no idea her parents did this professionally and I’m excited to see if she has it in her blood to dance as well. I think she could possibly make it to the finals.

5. Nick and Vanessa!!!!! ok, Vanessa was amazinggggg!! Her confidence and her presence out there whirled me in. Get it mama!! I could see her taking the mirror ball!! The hubbs however, needs some work. He had one moment where he did the motorcycle hip move that was probably supposed to look sexy, but it half failed. It was too old school boy band.


7. Maxim being non competitive?!!! Has dadhood made him soft? Either way I love the proud papa and his new found energy for being calm like a cucumber.

8. Shake Shake Shake your money makerrrr….Barb hit her moves in the sassiest of waysss….she is forever hilarious and owned it. I liked seeing her flirt too. She’ll be gone in a few weeks I feel though.

9. Frankie Muniz….honestly I don’t even remember his dance at all….and I don’t care to rewind it on my DVR. Nah Thanks.

10. Nikki Bella!! Hands down my favorite!!! The toss at the end. The fire, the power girl anthem!! MY PICK FOR FIRST PLACE!! Her high kick was flawless.

11. Lindsey was adorable. I love her glitter violin and her glitter outfit. She is a whole bunch of cute class and I would like to see her shake it up and do something wild and out of the box, something very Nikki Bella.

12. I needdd to point out that Victoria is an amazing and strong woman. She looked better out there than I ever could for having numbness in her lower half; she is inspirational and a real miracle. She looked amazingggg. I can’t wait to see her progression this season.

13. Derek Fisher’s dance was fun and lively! It woke me up a little I needed a pizazzed routine from Sharna. It had allll the bells and whistles and I loved it; He was mediocre with his routine, but athletes seem to always do well and I am excited to see more.

14. And last but not least, Debbie….She wasn’t that bad. I am just honestly a little bit annoyed by her, but that is just me. I secretly hope she goes first (sorry fans)




Lets talk Jax and Brittany…

First things first, the oddball, fish out of water theme is apparent and I do think it works. Jax is the quintessential bad boy dating the sweet, hometown girl next door. Lisa Vanderpump should thank her lucky stars for this match-up that brought the steam and essence of great T.V to her high end restaurant throughout her last season. Especially, after the drama with Kristen and Tom Sandoval ended.

I was reluctant at first because the typical fish out water, Hollywood boy in a small town is overdone so often. However, Jax Taylor is intriguing enough to make it work with his brutally honesty charm and narcissistic behavior. It is a far cry from The similar reality show The Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie mostly because Jax and Britt is based off of Jax trying to gain approval of her family, and convince her and himself that he’s getting close to the idea of marriage. With that being said, we see Jax speaking of Britt’s supposed depression and how before he puts a ring on it, she needs to go back to her old self. Let’s be real here, Has she really lost her spark, or is it Jax trying to aim for perfection with his known perfectionism? I have to admit too, I am seemingly rooting for this couple; I love seeing Jax put in his corner, and from watching Vanderpump since it began in 2013, he has grown since he’s been with her.

The real heart of the show lies within Mawmaw. She’s the HBIC and her and Jax have the best relationship. I love seeing her sitting on the porch and being real with him. She understands he’s not used to this lifestyle and accepts him for who he is, and I love that she doesn’t try to argue with him or force her and Brittany’s family’s values on to him. He also fully accepts the routine of the farm and puts on those boots that Mawmaw refers to whenever insisted. To cut it short, seeing Jax strap on boots, eat frog legs, wear deer piss, kick it with the sweetest gma ever, and fight his narcissistic behavior to please his lovely gf is TV gold to me and I’m sold.



The secret