Siesta Key…

Lets talk about the drama..

Alex Alex Alex….

What a tangled web you weave.

Juliette: Miss popular. Omg Chloe, I’m so jealous of Kelsey, I still hook up with Alex so whatever. but I’m going to now go for Garrett because Alex is over it and on to Kelsey which I’m mad about even though I said it was cool.

Chloe: The Greek Chorus. All these girls are Drama…UM btw Juliette, Kelsey is a Liar. Um btw the whole worls, Kelsey is all over Alex, even though I know Juliette was, Kelsey Kelsey Kelsey.

Kelsey: The new girl. Sorry Garrett, I am allowed to do what I want.

Garrett: The cry baby.  I dumped you, but follow my rules or else we aren’t friends anymore duh!

Morgan: The honest wholesome one…Who do I pick? I think ill date Brandon although, New York guy is rich and I have known him for years. Oh well.

Brandon. The secure one. It’s cool Bro, I am ok with competition. I got you.

Alex: Rich guy. Life is so hard.

This is what I heard watching the show tonight. I still am hooked because I need to know if Garrett will fall for the revenge driven Juliette and if Kelsey, and Alex will burn out or fade away. It is like a modern mid summers night dream right now with millenial vernacular.

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