Dancing with the stars week two recap

im writing this from my iPhone with my infant in front of me…so please ignore spelling errors!

1. I gave all of my votes to Sasha; she did a technical routine with zero theatrics and nailed it. Her fluidity is impressive and I want to see her in the finals.

2. I know someone had to get voted off, but I was sad to see Barbara leave. She’s inspirational and really wanted to put her heart into it. When I saw her cry talking about bullying it def got to me. You’re killing it always B!!

3. Major improvements with property brother!!! He had his shoulders square and his limbs weren’t so choppy !! Impressed and I can’t wait to see next week!!! Same with T.O!! The ending was fireeee !!

4. Jordan is doing amazing !!! He 100 percent needs to be in the finals!! A natural for sure !!

5. I loved the butterfly dance !!! Beautiful!!

6. Nikki Bella you tried something different and it worked !!

7. Vanessa crying during Nick’s dance!! Adorable !! Sweet moment !! I love them both!!

Nothing else reallys told out to me….I’m excited for next week !!

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