Dancing with stars: Tuesday Recap

Ok here are my fav things that happened

T.O dancing to Hot in Herrr

Where do I begin?! This song is classic, iconic and so fitting for the fireman costumes. I loved the fun spin on it. Cheryl Burke knows how to use her partners strengths and make one hell of an entertaining number!  He also improved majorly..can’t wait for next week and I’m so happy he’s out of the bottom 2.

Sasha’s dance really hit home for me. Especially after becoming a new mom and see my body change, it is extremely hard to get back to a place where you fully feel like yourself again. She has faced so much backlash and I can’t imagine what it must be like to be famous and have millions of people try to tell you how you should be and should look. She is gorgeous, and she danced so fluid and elegantly. I not only think she is an amazing role model, but I would love to see her dance in the finals. Heart melted ❤️

Vanessa Lachey nailed it too and really put her all into her dance. I wish I had the top she wore in my closet, and I loved how Nick forgot where their first date was. It was honest, funny and endearing. I love how they are a genuine couple who doesn’t showboat a perfect romance.

Jordan Fisher is a natural; it doesn’t matter what is thrown at him he can pull it off. Maverick of the season, hands down.

I really also think Len is being very real and offering great advice to the dancers. I don’t think he means to sound harsh at all he just gives his same opinion fairly. I’m impressed with him.

Property brother hasn’t gotten better he is kind of plateauing. When Bruno fell of his stool in regards to Carrieann’s comment ,I legit laughed hard. Poor property brother really has zero dance skills and two left feet, but god bless his heart he tries and he’s s good soul. Keep at it dude.

Nikki Bella was adorable with being shy. I like how she showed this soft,vulnerable side to her and how it’s awkward for her to dance that close to someone who isn’t Cena; I agree with her completely. I would too feel very awkward and uncomfortable, but good for her for being real and still putting on a good show. She’s a tough competitor and I’m to see her embark on this journey.

And finally I’m just obsessed with Max and Peta; I love them when they dance together !!


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