How old exactly is the beast?

Beauty and The Beast is exceptionally enchanting, and it takes me back to when I first watched it as a little girl, dreaming of castles and that gorgeous yellow, old France inspired dress. It made being captured look like a dream, Oh Disney! Only you could take something completely terrifying and make into a fantasy.

With that being said I noticed a few details watching this take on the classic cartoon. First, the time period of the beast. It begins with a lavish party held by the prince, and the time period looks to be about the late 1700’s. Very Marie Antoinette with white, powdered wigs and the haute french couture! The dancing women had ostentatious gowns that mirrored the dressings of the castle of the soon to be beast. It definitely mimics the Palace of Versailles.

With that being noted, the beast would have to have been in his 20’s or 30’s during the night of his infamous ball that brought on his demise. However, looking at Belle’s village, I do not see the same style of the that time period. Gaston who is seemingly the prince of the town, has a more updated look with his dark hair braided in the back, and buckled boots. He honestly looks like a charming, clean pirate if you ask me. Anyways, besides the point the fashion of Belle and her villagers look to be dressed more westernized,  early 1800’s fashion.

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