Catching up

Haven’t blogged in a few days…mostly because sometimes I’m stuck watching Disney all day and when my daughter sleeps I’m working a few hours…exhaustion settles in quick.


ok soooo



i love love loveeeed property brother and his crime show dance. I’m straight up impressed. He had great squared shoulders and held himself pretty elegantly. He went from two left feet to mr shuffles. Didn’t even look like him out there. It was one of my favorites.

Violin girl is killinnnn it. Killin it period. And yes girl I too love napping for fun, mostly because I never get too. Not at all guilty pleasure a luxurious one!!

Frankie Muniz is good and his performance of a boy lander made me laugh, but I still don’t like him. Sorry I can’t help it.

Vanessa…ok one max just apologized on Twitter for not being there to perform with her. Apparently, according to E News, they haven’t been getting along. I can’t say I blame him. She does seem like a feisty control freak. Also, how is a girls night out a guilty pleasure. Give us something better than that.

Victoria did amazing!!! I loveeee that song …if you don’t like chumbawumba, idk even know how to spell it,I get knocked down…then you need a strong dose of taste! Anyone that has ever bullied her is horrible. Bullying is never ok and anyone who thinks it’s cool to do so can F themselves! She is a strong, amazing miracle of a person.

Nikkibella killeddd it …I love that she’s a romance lover !! Me too girl!!! Hallmark all day everyday 😉 …she has the sultry attitude on key…and I loved seeing Cena pop in…the way they look at each other is so cute…I love them ❤️

Nicks dance …don’t care and don’t get it

T.O the breakdancing was fly as F✨🤸🏼‍♀️

Everyone else…I’m sorry I forget bad



kelsey and garret clearly are still in love

Alex is still a douche and thank his Morgan turned him down. Brandon is the nicest guy.

Paul needs rehab. Chloe handles his insults so well. First off, she looks amazing!! I would love to look like her !! Killin it B!!

Juliette…take your cockiness down a notch. Just one…I think you’re a good person but cool it down a little with your eye for an eye drama. You’re too pretty to act like that. Be sweet, not petty.

Everyone else…I don’t remember and I don’t care.


Nico, you should be bosun; I think the captain felt bad for you having to do everything all at once to get the crew in line. He probably thinks you need a break.

I feel bad for the chef. What an awkward date, it was painful to watch. Keep your chin up dude. Food is always a way to someone’s heart. Focus on that and not future plans with someone you don’t know! ❤️ Keep it simple B

ok im done for now. I have a big show lineup tonight and some more to catch up on. 😐😄👍🏻👩🏼‍💻



Siesta Key…

Lets talk about the drama..

Alex Alex Alex….

What a tangled web you weave.

Juliette: Miss popular. Omg Chloe, I’m so jealous of Kelsey, I still hook up with Alex so whatever. but I’m going to now go for Garrett because Alex is over it and on to Kelsey which I’m mad about even though I said it was cool.

Chloe: The Greek Chorus. All these girls are Drama…UM btw Juliette, Kelsey is a Liar. Um btw the whole worls, Kelsey is all over Alex, even though I know Juliette was, Kelsey Kelsey Kelsey.

Kelsey: The new girl. Sorry Garrett, I am allowed to do what I want.

Garrett: The cry baby.  I dumped you, but follow my rules or else we aren’t friends anymore duh!

Morgan: The honest wholesome one…Who do I pick? I think ill date Brandon although, New York guy is rich and I have known him for years. Oh well.

Brandon. The secure one. It’s cool Bro, I am ok with competition. I got you.

Alex: Rich guy. Life is so hard.

This is what I heard watching the show tonight. I still am hooked because I need to know if Garrett will fall for the revenge driven Juliette and if Kelsey, and Alex will burn out or fade away. It is like a modern mid summers night dream right now with millenial vernacular.